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Adresse : 42 rue du Portail, 26780 CHATEAUNEUF DU RHONE, FRANCE



The region

Our house

It is a house leaned in the hill against the rampart of the 13th century of the door of Donzère.


The entrance is accessible by a small passage vouté which takes you in the peace of mind and charm of Provence.


We give beds for the young children. Our friends animals are welcome.


Châteauneuf du Rhone is situated 8 km (around 5 miles) from Montelimar, Drome in Provence in the Rhône Valley.


Long ago in 1198, the old fortified village was called Castrum Montipenceriee.


Today, Châteauneuf du Rhone is popular for its walls and its streets in the old forum.


To learn more about Châteauneuf we suggest you visit the following : Chateauneuf hier (in French).


We also invite you to visit the website of the city : Chateauneuf (in French).


Châteauneuf since 24 April 2014 has a store "U Express", a gas station, a cash machine, a tobacconists, newsagent and 2 restaurants pizza snack.

Close by

Châteauneuf du Rhône is a medieval town dominated by two major peaks: Montchamp and Navon, double sentinels, guarding the passage of bel air, gateway to Provence.



A near Châteauneuf du Rhône, you will find:

  • Montelimar nougat capital of the Drôme Provençale, Adhemar Castle, Museum of Miniatures and many more surprises :
  • Viviers in Ardèche, Vivarais capital with its cathedral, historic monument : website of the Mayor
  • Saint Montan in the Ardeche village with medieval castle and street : website of the Mayor
  • Grigan in Provence The old fortress, built in the Middle Ages, the sixteenth century is the largest Renaissance castle in the southeast. The presence of Madame de Sevigne and her daughter, the Countess de Grignan, the privileged position they reserving it in correspondence, the power of Count François de Castellane.
  • Adhemar de Monteil, make it a center of regional history.


You can also enjoy activities such as the descent of the gorges of Ardèche in a kayak or hiking and horseback riding.


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